No   Screen Printing Digital Printing
1 Naturally Varying Design No Yes
2 Printing Accuracy Low High
3 Printing Consistency Low High
4 Printing Resolution (DPI) 60-80 350-1050
5 Print on Uneven Surface Not Possible Easily Possible
6 Customization No Easily Possible
7 Edge to Edge Printing No Yes
8 Design Range Limited Endless
9 Number of Printing Colours 2-4 No Limit
No Product Thickness
Normal Size
No. of Tiles Per Box Coverage Area Weight (Approx.)
1 Digi Wall 10 mm 300 X 600 mm 8 Pcs. 15.5 Sq. ft. 24.5 Kgs.
2 Highlighter 10 mm 300 X 600 mm 8 Pcs. 15.5 Sq. ft. 24.5 Kgs.
3 Digi Floor 8.45 mm 300 X 300 mm 9 Pcs. 8.70 Sq. ft. 11.5 Kgs.
4 Digi Wall 8 mm 250 X 375 mm 8 Pcs. 8.05 Sq. ft. 10 Kgs.
5 Digi Wall 8.5 mm 300 X 450 mm 6 Pcs. 9.00 Sq. ft. 12.20 Kgs.
6 Highlighter & Elevation 8.5 mm 300 X 450 mm 10 Pcs. 14.50 Sq. ft. 19.7 Kgs.
1 Before fixing, the tiles must be soaked in water about an hour, soaking of tiles is not required in case of fixing with chemical adhesive.
2 The wall surface is to be roughed plastered using mortar composed of one part of cement and three part of sand on the rough plastered surface, a coat of very thin cement slurry should be applied by brush at the time of fixing the tiles.
3 Do not use grade 53 cement for the tiles lying.
4 The mortar is to be spread on the back side of the tiles, use cement and sand mortar in the ratio of 1:2, do not use more cement otherwise it may lead to crack on the tiles, at any later date due to development of stress underneath for which company will not be responsible.