Our Team

Managing with professionalism has always been the symbol of the Company.
We have a reputation for having a fiercely talented, performance oriented employees with highest levels of integrity and professionalism.

It is the mainstay of all its endeavours and the cornerstone of its corporate culture. Excellent teamwork & effective co-ordination among the various agencies involved give an edge over our competitors.

FAVOURITE’sasset is its unrivalled range of professionally qualified and experienced personnel. In order to serve our clientele better, we continuously invest in new technologies and training to develop and enhance the capabilities and competence of our employees.

The Company offers performance-based incentive to honor outstanding work. We conduct periodic group discussion among employees and management. Enhancing technical expertise of employees and inculcating managerial skills are an integral part of our employee empowerment program.

The Company’s credibility & standards do not allow it to compromise on quality. Established Quality Assurance and Quality Control procedures are judiciously followed to maintain quality standards at all stages.